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Michaelangelo: detail of Judgement Day panel, Sistine Chapel



In the short cold days each year

There is  a dark forbidding room

Where shades in darkness whisper fear

And only my discerning ear

Perceives the wail of coming doom


Wraiths about me natter on

About the lengthening of days

And all the myriad of ways

To knuckle down and battle on

Until the warmth of summer stays


Far away I hear birds singing

In the distance there is light

Time they say is surely bringing

White doves with a new beginning

That will end this bitter night


I cannot get from here to there

All that is too far away

Where I am there is just despair

I am no longer welcome where

The things I’ve loved have gone to stay


A true companion and old friend

Deeper in the darkness lies

Who’ll use the dark itself to send

A surer pathway the end

My final consolation prize