(with my apologies, profuse and profound, to Hilaire Belloc, whose immortal words are used here in a context he never intended for them.)

dangerous toy

When Donald's Chief of Staff was told
That Don had been as good as gold,
He promised in the afternoon
To buy him an Immense BALLOON,
And so he did; but when he got it
Immediately he quite forgot it.
It drifted till a T-man shot it,
When, being of the dangerous sort,
It thundered such a loud report

That lights went out and windows broke.
The Oval Office filled with smoke!
The West Wing swelled with frightened yells
That mingled with electric bells,
and falling masonry, and whines,
and crunching (as if sycophants had spines), 
and dreadful shrieks, when, worst of all,
The White House then began to fall.
It shook, as older houses do,
Before it met its Waterloo
In Pennsylvania Avenue.

When help arrived among the dead
Were fair Ivanka and Jared,
The T-men (both of them), the fools
Who guard the money laundry tools, 
Poor Stormy, the new "upstairs maid",
And I am dreadfully afraid
That Signore Boy-ar-Dee, the chef
Has lost his cousin, Little Chef.
Melania has come up lame,
And Don, who won't accept the blame,
Receives, as everybody knows,
Kudos everywhere he goes.

The moral is that little boys
Should not be given dangerous toys.