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ukuAfter cats, sunsets are the commonest internet meme


          True to form,

Profligate of lilac gold and crimson

Someone has strewn a brand-new sunset

Across that slate horizon to the west.


          Nature shows us

Colossal purple petals billowing in a high art-glass globe.

An iridescent pale green horizon curls lizard-like

below a cobalt vault where ardent little stars squeal to be born.

Long shadows drape the beach, omens of a darkness

Whose dominion will soon be beyond dispute.

A chorus line of brilliant embers

dances hissing on a darkening sea.


          Science instructs us

That stratospheric particulates from distant volcanism

 (Popocatépetl, or Fukuyama  perhaps, where a tsunami followed)

Abetted by grass-fed prairie fires in Manitoba and Ukraine

Are responsible for this phenomenon.

(People were injured far away, and desperate damage done

So this could happen here.  At the time

no one suspected.)


          The purpose

of such wanton beauty, beyond the wild pleasures it ignites

(a mere flux of dopamine, says Science, in the mesolimbic telencephalon,

as if it were a question  meant for Science)

is lost on me. 


Merely that it is

will have to do.



Photo: Brittany McGerigle